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Human Management System


Keeping track of tasks and projects is an essential part of management, but excessive bureaucracy can quickly overburden an organisation. Knowing how business hours are spent is essential for identifying bottlenecks, but logging everything is a bottleneck in and of itself. As DG TAKANO expanded, we encountered these kinds of problems firsthand, so we turned to our IT team for a solution. That solution came in the form of a human-centered management system, a software which enables us to breeze through tedious administrative tasks, giving us more time to focus on our dreams.

We designed a system that is suited to the needs of individuals, people whose habits, work styles and personalities are all unique. We wanted to make it easier to focus on what truly matters to us, as human beings, and outsource the routine, machine-like tasks to, well, the machines.

Since the Human Management System was originally made for in-house use, eliminating redundancy and maximising usability was our first priority. After almost three years of improvement and feedback, including accounts from first-time users, we have ironed out a smooth, intuitive UX with a minimal learning curve, thus empowering employees and managers alike to create, check and analyse work tasks quickly and transparently.

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