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Ami Tsuduki - DG TAKANO
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Ami Tsuduki

Ami has been with DG TAKANO almost since the company’s inception.

For the majority of that time, she has worked in domestic sales, mainly in Tokyo. She was also instrumental in setting up sales offices in Osaka and Nagoya prefecture.

Despite lifestyle changes, such as marriage and childbirth, she has steadily built up her career and now works in our global sales team, drawing on her long-term domestic experience. As our market expands, with new products being added in, she has transitioned to leading our PR team, working to share DG TAKANO’s unique value with both Japan and the rest of the world. “DG TAKANO’s work culture lets me work in a way that suits my individual style," Ami explains, “so I can perform regardless of my life circumstances.”

Tsuduki aspires to be one of Japan’s budding female entrepreneurs, a dream which we support wholeheartedly. To do this, she continues to take on challenges outside her role in DG TAKANO, such as making business pitches and attending entrepreneurial training events.

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