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Vladimir Kukovskii - DG TAKANO
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Vladimir Kukovskii

Senior software engineer

Vladimir is our chief software engineer, project manager, food connoisseur, and cooking aficionado. He develops the strategic architecture of our software projects and manages the day-to-day activities of our software development team, using Kanban and Agile. Vladimir has a genuine passion for technology, and his dream is to make the world more convenient through IT.

Before joining DG TAKANO, Vladimir had already built an impressive portfolio working with wireless network stacks. He modified communication protocols such as Zigbee and Wi-Fi, and designed custom-purpose ones from the ground up. Vladimir has also added features or made bugfixes to virtually all major network services.

A big believer in open-source software, he contributes to major open-source projects like GitLab whenever he can, explaining that, “In our world, where very few things aren’t bound by money, and open source is one of them. It brings people together in creating great services which then anyone can use without paying fees or licenses.”

Being the perfectionist he is, Vladimir never compromises on quality and insists that good code should be as efficient, as easy to read, and taking up as few resources as possible. As DG TAKANO’s lead developer, he holds not only himself but also all our software engineers to his rigorous standards.

Vladimir’s journey from his home town of Nefteyugansk, a small town in Siberia, to Japan’s bustling capital is an impressive one, to say the least! After falling in love with contemporary Japanese culture, he taught himself Japanese for years, starting from high school through university and, finally, while building his portfolio at a major Russian company. Eventually, he finally came to Japan where he finished his language education, acquired JLPT N1, and joined DG TAKANO.

Vladimir’s hobbies combine his interests in technology and modern Japanese culture. He is a fan of the Japanese VTubers and interested in space technologies, particle physics, and the prospect of the Singularity. He can also be found sipping drinks at Izakaya or binge-watching Japanese Owarai comedy shows. Finally, Vladimir is a proud member of the cult of Nico Yazawa from the “Love Live!” anime.

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