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Masayoshi Kaneko - DG TAKANO
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Masayoshi Kaneko

Production manager

Masayoshi decided to start working at DG Takano after participating in our BrainCamp seminar. He was deeply influenced by the open and entrepreneurial mindset of DG TAKANO and wanted to join the company, where he could manifest such mindset himself.

With a background in manufacturing, assembling and machine processing, Masayoshi was more than qualified for managing procurement, scheduling, quality control at our Osaka plant. He has also worked to develop himself and contribute to product improvement.

Masayoshi cites work and self-improvement as his main drives and is proud of every single manufactured product, as long as it meets his rigorous quality standards. He particularly enjoys working with the many different personalities of DG TAKANO and insists they all help motivate and inspire him.

Even when he is not at work, Masayoshi is busy learning new skills. His dream is to establish and run a subsidiary company of DG Takano in the not-so-distant future.

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