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Sanskar Godha - DG TAKANO
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Sanskar Godha

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sanskar is our very own Iron Man. He studied Mechanical Engineering, worked on intercontinental ballistic missiles for the Indian military, and all that before obtaining his master’s from the University of Tokyo and joining DG TAKANO. It’s hardly a surprise that he’s also been responsible for some of the key improvements to the Bubble90.

Sanskar is responsible for some of our most vital projects, including the development of a plastic version of the Bubble90 nozzle, integrating its core technology in other products, as well as modifying the pulsating flow. Sanskar’s dream is to accrue managerial experience and then start his own company under the DG brand, a goal which we wholeheartedly support.

Whenever he gets the chance, Sanskar likes to try out extreme sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving, or learning Japanese. When that’s not on the table, he reads manga and western comic books, presumably to see how he measures up against the superhero characters.

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