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DG TAKANO announces our new product at “The Dawn of Gaia”


We have some very exciting news! On August 6, DG TAKANO will announce a brand new product from 10 pm on “The Dawn of Gaia”, a popular Japanese business show running nationwide on Tokyo TV.

Almost a year in the making, the episode will cover the various stages of development and reveal the unique functionality and design aspects of our new product. In a series of interviews, Mr. Takano will outline why there’s a need for this kind of innovation in the world, and how it fits within our vision and plans for the future.

DG TAKANO has collaborated with SHARP, a major Japanese electronics manufacturer, and Whipsaw, a Silicon Valley-based design company, on building and designing the product, respectively. The broadcast will offer insight into our collaboration, including a short interview with Mr. Dan Harden, CEO and principal designer at Whipsaw, who will talk about the purpose and inspirations behind the product's design.

We are thrilled to share this product with all of you, and we hope you will join us for the big reveal! The Dawn of Gaia on Tokyo TV (In Japanese)

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