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DG TAKANO's Bubble90 was featured on the popular TV show "Asa Chan"


On September 13, DG TAKANO appeared on TBS’ popular show “Asa chan”. Our Bubble90 water-saving nozzle was introduced as the “product that professionals choose”.

The episode featured a comparison test that showcased the Bubble90’s extreme water-saving rate and increased cleaning power. Our company’s history was also touched upon, specifically how, after some initial difficulties, our sales have risen more than 100 times.

The show also included an interview with the manager of a well-known restaurant, who explained that since adopting the Bubble90 their establishment was able to reduce 100 million yen per year. “The water pressure is quite strong, and the cleaning power is actually improved!” he said.

Last but not least, we announced the upcoming home use version of Bubble90, which is scheduled to be released on the Japanese market somewhere in 2020. We will be delivering more updates about this project in the near future, both here and on our website.

We’d like to thank everyone for watching and taking an interest in our products.

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