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DG TAKANO Declares Two Stars on the Japanese “Security Action” Information Security System


We are proud to announce our implementation of an information security policy for all our internal procedures, stored information, and generated content that is consistent with the two-star standard (★★) of the Japanese Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)’s Security Action system.

The “Security Action” system is devised specifically for small and medium-sized companies. Organisations that follow these guidelines must declare whether they have implemented information security measures consistent with one-star (★) or two-star (★★) standard, as well as generally work towards a safer and more secure online community.

Declaring a two-star standard means that we have developed an information security policy, hereafter referred to as Standard Information Security Policy, that is consistent with the IPA’s strictest guidelines and that we will continuously review and keep up-to-date. In the words of our head software engineer, Vladimir Kukovskii, “We take the online safety of our customers and website visitors very seriously, and will continuously improve the security and reliability of our products and services in the future, this webpage included.” DG TAKANO’s Standard Information Security Policy

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