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DG TAKANO Participates in "Japan Day 2019", a Recruitment Event at IIT Hyderabad, One of India's Top Engineering Schools - DG TAKANO
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DG TAKANO Participates in "Japan Day 2019", a Recruitment Event at IIT Hyderabad, One of India's Top Engineering Schools


Hello everyone, I’m Sanskar Godha, senior mechanical engineer at DG TAKANO. Since this is my first time posting on the company website, I’d like to begin by thanking everyone reading this of you for your continued interest in our business activities. On September 14, I had the pleasure of going back to my alma mater, IIT Hyderabad, in order to represent DG TAKANO at what turned out to be an extremely successful recruitment event called Japan Day.

Japan Day 2019 was a pre-placement event aiming to introduce IIT Hyderabad students to leading Japanese companies. As India’s top engineering school, IIT Hyderabad is famous for having a 100% placement rate, meaning that all students find jobs prior to their graduation. Usually, most students go to major American or European companies, but this year we showcased Japan as not just a viable alternative, but a favourable one.

During the main event, I had the opportunity to present DG TAKANO in front of hundreds of students; I introduced our culture of freedom and responsibility, and talked at length about how we work together to obtain each member’s dreams. I also shared information about our current products in the fields of sustainability, public health, and HR management, emphasising that we work in a goal-driven manner using design thinking.

In the following booth session, we were delighted to welcome not only a large number of IT and engineering students, but also by many industrial design, biomedical, and biotechnical majors. I was quite impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm and more than happy to have individual sessions with many of these students the next day.

Last but certainly not least, it’s my great pleasure to report that DG TAKANO will only not only be deepening our cooperation with IIT Hyderabad but will also be opening an innovation center in India in the near future. We will soon release more information about that very soon, so stay tuned! More about Japan Day on IIT Hyderabad's official website

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