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An Article About Mr. Takano Published by the Saisei Hatten, a Prominent Japanese Business Journal


An article about Mr. Takano was published by the Seisei Hatten, a prominent online journal that explores emerging business trends and the impact of the latest technologies on corporate management.

With the issue of business succession becoming ever more pronounced among Japanese SMEs, especially in the manufacturing sector, Mr. Takano’s unique “startup-like business succession” model is the main focal point of the article. The piece greatly expands on his way of thinking and the way it has shaped DG TAKANO’s business culture. As a part of Seisei Hatten’s diversity series, the piece also touches on the international nature of our company and how it came to be.

Compiled after detailed interviews with Mr. Takano, the article (linked below) is extremely insightful and we highly recommend it to anyone interested in DG TAKANO’s philosophy and way of thinking. For those of you who don’t speak Japanese, an English version will be made available on our website very soon. The official article, in Japanese, is available here.

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