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Hiring: Security Engineer - DG TAKANO
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Hiring: Security Engineer


As a security engineer, your job will be to monitor our IT resources and ensure the secure flow of information. More specifically, you will analyse code, set up security infrastructure for our websites, keep said infrastructure up-to-date, and work closely together with our other software engineers to support the secure development of current and new products.

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, creating innovative solutions for business and social issues by applying design thinking as a leading principle. Culture-wise, our office is an international work environment that fosters learning and encourages self-improvement through various initiatives.

Your Key Responsibilities Will Be:

・Information resources and systems management (network, GSuite, etc.)
・Evaluating our systems, networks and data, and developing the necessary security protocols
・Implementing security controls to protect our organisation’s infrastructure and digital data
・Security assurance for the company websites
・Reviewing our code base for security threats and/or weaknesses
・Security analysis of company products

Our Technical Environment/Tools:

・Ruby on Rails
・Docker / Kubernetes
・Git (GitLab)
・GCP, Heroku
・GSuite, Slack

Your Must Have:

・At least 2 years of systems/network administration-related experience
・Basic knowledge of Ethernet, TCP/IP and wireless network protocols
・Intermediate or upper-intermediate level of Japanese
・Passion for creative problem solving, including large-scale social and environmental issues

You Can Stand Out If You Have:

・Experience in one or more scripting languages such as Python or Ruby
・Experience in web development, preferably using Ruby on Rails
・Knowledge of AWS or Google Cloud Platform
・Knowledge/experience in Windows and Linux operating systems security

You Are:

・Passionate about the IT industry and obsessed with technology in general
・Ready to challenge yourself and try out new things
・A dreamer; you have a personal goal or a project that you’re passionate about and want to realise in the future
・An anime fan—aren’t we all?

Who Are We?

DG TAKANO is a solutions company: We combine design thinking with both traditional and cutting-edge Japanese technologies in order to create unique products that solve environmental and societal issues on a global scale. In other words, everything we make, we make as a solution to problems we see in the world. This is a leading principle in our software projects as well.

What Is It Like to Work With Us?

Members of our team work together to help attain each other’s dreams: This is to say, people’s individual aspirations often inform the company goals and make up the backbone of new projects. Everyone is free to pitch their ideas directly to the CEO and, eventually, lead their own project. If you have strong drives and passions, we as a company, will give you the tools and resources you need to bring these dreams into fruition.

Our day-to-day work culture emphasises freedom, flexibility, and personal responsibility. You are expected to work in a goal-oriented, result-driven manner without being micromanaged. Our work environment offers many opportunities to challenge yourself, try out new things, and acquire new skills, including company-paid courses and seminars.

Our team members come from all over the world. A casual browse through the “Guild” section of this website will show you that we have staff from Spain, Australia, India, Russia, Egypt, Bulgaria, and of course, Japan. In addition, we also welcome several interns from both Japanese and overseas universities every year, making for a truly international workplace.

Ready To Apply?

Thanks for reading this far! If can see yourself as a member of our team, please send your CV, in either English or Japanese, to our contact email, listed below.

※ Please note that you should already be living in Japan in order to apply.

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