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Mr. Takano is a Featured Speaker at a Management Philosophy Webinar Hosted by Leave a Nest, a Japan-Based Multinational Research, Development and Education Group


Mr. Takano is a featured speaker at a management philosophy webinar hosted by Leave a Nest, a Japan-based multinational research, development and education group. The event will be livestreamed on YouTube, starting at 5 pm on July 2.

Mr. Takano, CEO of DG TAKANO, and Mr. Maru, CEO of Leave A Nest, who has helped multiple organisations shape their corporate identities, will discuss ideas for changing the management philosophy of Japanese SMEs in the age of knowledge work and network-centric organisations.

Over 99% of businesses in Japan are classified as SMEs, and many of them are facing the same issues: things like worker shortage, an increased burden of capital investment and the lack of successors to take over the business after the owner retires. Addressing the latter issue, Mr. Takano will introduce his “startup-like business succession” model, where one retains winning technology of an existing SME but completely reshapes the management and organisational structure in order to better address the challenges of the time.

If you are interested in following the discussion, please follow the instructions in the event registration link below. Link to Event Registration

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