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Mika Matsumura - DG TAKANO
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Mika Matsumura

HR Development Officer

Mika joins DG TAKANO after a long career in education and public service, looking to expand her horizons. ‘My career was pretty secure, but also very straightforward.’ she says, ‘DG TAKANO, on the other hand, is full of dynamic challenges and opportunities, and I’m honestly excited every day coming to work.’

Mika is convinced that her experience as a deputy headmistress as a lot in common with her new position as HR director. ‘I see my role as enabling others to grow and improve, and providing a positive work environment in which to do so,’ she says, ‘that hasn’t changed from my previous job.’

As someone experienced at juggling tons of administrative work, Mika has implemented quick, simple bookkeeping procedures to streamline project administration, and she’s personally taken charge of most of the process. ‘The purpose of administration is to enable everyone to work more efficiently,’ she claims, impassionedly, ‘procedures must change to fit the needs of the team, not the other way around; that’s my goal, at least.’

To her, trust and respect among co-workers are the main cornerstones of team cohesion, and she’s determined to preserve them in DG TAKANO. ‘I’ve never worked at such a diverse team before,’ she admits, ‘so I always try to meet others halfway; I realise that what’s normal for me is not necessarily normal for them, and vice versa. Speaking as director of HR, that implicit understanding is among the best features of DG TAKANO.’

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