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Kazuya Koyama - DG TAKANO
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Kazuya Koyama


At only eighteen years old, Kazuya is the youngest member of our team, but he is by no means inexperienced. Having already started and led several small-scale projects, he is extremely goal-oriented, driven and eager to learn.

When I mentioned that Kazuya is eighteen, you would expect him to still be in school, not in an office… and, normally, you would be right. Kazuya is a student at the entrepreneurship department of N-kou, the biggest alternative education program in Japan. N-kou, which stands for either new or (Inter)net high school, provides an entirely online curriculum that allows students to focus on their fields of interest. Kazuya was attracted by the chance to do real work placements and collaborate with actual business people. ‘I didn’t feel I was getting real-world experiences like that back in regular school.’ He explains. ‘Internships, let alone full-time work placements, are still quite rare in Japan and even more so for high school students.’

It was during his end-of-year presentation at N-kou that Kazuya caught the eye of our current COO, Soichi Yokoyama, who had been a consultant for N-kou in the past. Kazuya’s various projects, ranging from teaching communication skills to virtual youtubing, and his eagerness to take on new tasks and job positions set him apart as someone eager to learn and improve.

Kazuya originally joined DG TAKANO as the COO’s assistant, doing anything from research to emailing and making appointments, while also working on minor IT tasks. Nowadays, Koyama mostly works with our R&D team, speeding up both internal and external communication and looking for new potential partnerships. His dream is to one day lead his own R&D project and spin it off into a subsidiary of DG TAKANO.

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