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DG TAKANO Joins a Pre-Placement Talk with Three of India's Top Tech Universities - DG TAKANO
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DG TAKANO Joins a Pre-Placement Talk with Three of India's Top Tech Universities


Last Sunday, October 18, DG TAKANO was one of the three companies invited to an online pre-placement event with representatives from three of India’s top Institutes of Technology (IITs): IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee and IIT Dhanbad. The event was organised by Tech Japan, a platform connecting Indian tech professionals and Japanese companies, and featured over 500 students from the three universities.

The main goal of the event was to make the students better acquainted with potential Japanese employers and internship providers, while the actual recruitment process, as per university rules, begins in December.

After a short presentation introducing the unique aspects of working at DG TAKANO, Aleksandar Naydenov, global sales and marketing, and our CEO, Masaaki Takano, answered various questions from the attendees about the specifics of working in Japan.

In his final remarks, Mr. Takano emphasised that the most unique feature DG TAKANO offers is the ability to start one’s own project(s) and realise one's own vision, as opposed to just selling one's time for money. He invited interested students with entrepreneurial ambitions to get in touch further.

We’d like to thank Tech Japan for their stellar organisation and all the attendees for their enthusiasm and engagement, both during the event itself and in their inquiries thereafter. We are looking forward to meeting you this December! More on Tech Japan

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