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Even though most of us spend the better part of our day at work, we tend to regard this time as somehow extraneous to who we are in our private lives. This page is called “Our way” because our way is different. Instead of separating work and life and seeking to balance the two, we recognise work as a part of our lives, one that’s an extension of who we are and what we want to achieve. Not an obstacle to a fulfilling life, but a means to it. We apply this holistic approach to the cornerstones of our company culture as well; the concepts outlined below are endemic to our work environment but we also benefit from them in all aspects of our lives.

A culture of challenges

The Russian novelist Arkady Strugatsky once wrote that the greatest human power was the ability to adapt to pretty much anything. Our company philosophy subscribes to this line of thinking: by routinely going out of our comfort zones, we become more flexible and better prepared to face the difficulties of life, both as individuals and as professionals. This is why challenging ourselves is an integral part of our company culture. Read more >>

The concept is ingrained in DG TAKANO’s evaluation system as well. We hold individual or group-based challenges twice a month. Those challenges are tasks outside the guild members’ normal areas of expertise, aimed at developing interdisciplinary skills and elevating our critical and lateral thinking capacities. We perform said challenges alongside our normal job duties, and finding the right balance between the two is, in and of itself, a part of the challenge. How well one does on a challenge, along with their job performance, changes their salary each month, making for a dynamic, performance-based evaluation system. Unlike a salary that remains the same every month until the next promotion, Our Way works similarly to a bonus system, incentivising work efficiency and keeping us on our toes.

Embracing change

We believe the ability to adapt to and embrace changes is essential for our success as individuals, and as an organisation. With new technological advancements being made every day, early adapters stand to gain a distinct advantage. As a company that aims to respond to global issues, we cannot afford to fall behind in that regard.Read more >>

Our technology stack always evolves with the latest best thing in the industry, and the members of our IT team are each personally invested in current technological trends and innovations. We also change and update our company rules in order to best fit the needs of our members and maximise productivity. The same goes for our operational procedures. Even the text you’re reading right now was changed and edited several times to fully reflect the disposition of all members of our guild.

Change is not always easy, and sometimes adjusting to a new system or a way of doing things takes a considerable amount of effort from everyone. Additionally, while we take meticulous care to ensure that we only implement changes which are an improvement on the old ways, new things don’t always work out. At DG TAKANO, we are not afraid to recognise such situations and move on.

Flexibility and Freedom

Our members have an exceptional amount of freedom in their daily work. We each have a project or a concrete goal to strive towards, but the milestones and the way we get there is up to each individual guild member. The reason we call our projects “Dreams”, is because that’s what they are: ideas that some of us really wanted to realise.Read more >>

Each member can always pitch their own dream project directly to the CEO and, upon approval, pursue it with the full resources and backing of the company. In fact, some of our members originally joined DG TAKANO in order to start a particular project they had pitched during their interview. Of course, freedom doesn’t mean lack of accountability, and members’ performance is evaluated on a monthly basis. In the same fashion, people usually gain experience by participating in a few projects before starting their own.

Our guild has members from a lot of different cultures and nationalities. Naturally, these people have different worldviews and, often, very different opinions. It is exactly this diversity of opinions that we value the most, because it allows us to look at a given problem from many different perspectives.


DG TAKANO is a creative environment, where ideas are given space to flourish. Our members are not only encouraged, but also coached and expected to come up with ideas for new products, projects and improvements. We believe that the true driver of innovation is passion, so we make sure our members work on projects that are meaningful to them. In other words, we make sure they get to work on their dreams.Read more >>

Ideas are the driving force behind our new projects, which is why they are also an important element of our evaluation system. Each month, members are given topics to think about, and their ideas are assessed based on quality and quantity. Training ourselves to come up with outside-the-box ideas, even if some of them are unfeasible, is important for developing lateral thinking. This, in turn, helps us circumvent tradition and grow more resourceful not just when it comes to problem resolution but also in our more mundane, everyday tasks.

Coming up with ideas requires exposure to fresh ideas and perspectives, which is why we’ve integrated learning and book reading time into our weekly routines. Presentations and discussions of the learned material are a natural continuation of this cycle, helping to disseminate various ideas among all guild members.


Anyone who has ever heard Mr. Takano speak knows that he is a big advocate for what he calls “the power of action”. Similarly, while ideas are important at DG TAKANO, ideas without purpose are vapid. Our members always work to bring their ideas into fruition: we set clear goals and take consistent action towards them.Read more >>

That action takes many forms, from setting standard milestones and deadlines, to monthly presentations on the state of our dreams, to yearly goal overviews.

At DG TAKANO, we do not believe in overtime and instead prefer to finish our tasks during the dedicated working hours, trusting guild members to utilise their time efficiently both at the office and outside of it. We have found out that this approach works best for driven people, which is the only type of people we choose to have.

Our Results

The merits of Our Way are best judged by its results, so here’s a list of some of our most prominent achievements:Read more >>

● Mr. Masaaki Takano invents the Bubble90 water-saving nozzle, and is awarded the Grand Prize for the “The Best Manufactured Product Of The Year” in an annual competition organised by the Japanese government.

● DG SALES, a sister company of DG TAKANO, is founded to expedite the commercialisation of the Bubble90.
● DG TAKANO is recognised as one of the top 100 fastest growing startups in Japan at Morning Pitch Expo, an event sponsored by Deloitte-Tohmatsu venture support.
● DDG TAKANO is selected as one of the top 10 “Best Companies to Create the Future by 2020” at Morning Pitch, an event sponsored by Deloitte-Tohmatsu venture support.

● DG TAKANO is the Grand Prize Winner of the 94th Kawasaki Entrepreneur Awards.
● DG TAKANO is the recipient of the KSP Venture Support Award (Sōgyō Shien-shō).
● DG TAKANO is selected as the number one venture company that 3000 top professionals at elite Japanese enterprises would choose to work for if they changed jobs, in a survey sponsored by Deloitte-Tohmatsu Venture Support.
● DG TAKANO receives a “Job Creation 2015” special award from Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC.

● DG TAKANO is awarded the “Kansai Monodzukuri Shinsen” (Kansai region’s Manufacturing Award) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
● DG TAKANO is the 1st place winner of the Japan Venture Awards 2016 in the “Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation” category.
● DG TAKANO is selected for the Global Entrepreneurs Training Program, a project sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, where promising Japanese entrepreneurs were sent to the U.S.
● DG TAKANO is given high-priority support by the Japan Patent Office.
● DG TAKANO is awarded a Gold Ecotech Award from the Research Institute of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Osaka Prefecture
● Mr. Masaaki Takano was a featured speaker at the “Innovation Leaders Summit 2016.”
● Mr. Masaaki Takano has a discussion about the Bubble90 and its future potential with the First Lady of Japan, Mrs. Akie Abe, on the radio program “Innovation World”

● DG TAKANO was one of the companies specially selected to participate in the concept video for Osaka Expo 2025.
● DG TAKANO is given the highest possible mark for employee engagement in a report done by Active Connector, a Japanese recruiting service that specialises in matching foreigners and Japanese companies.

● Mr. Takano was named one of the "50 Japanese people who move the world", a list composed by Nikkei Business, Japan's largest business publication.
● DG TAKANO, along with five other sustainability-focused Japanese venture companies, launched Tokyo City Lab Ventures, a business community aimed at collaborating on large-scale sustainability projects in Japan and abroad.

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